Every great personality in this world had or has a hobby in his or her life. I am only 31. In my life I have seen a lot of people who have their hobbies such as pet keeping, collect something uncommon, participate in different type of races and so on. What is hobby? Hobby is the food of mind. For refreshing our mind it helps minimum 80%, specially pet keeping. There are various pet keeping hobbies such as keeping cat, dog, exotic bird, aquarium fish, horse, racing pigeon and many more.

Today we are going to talk about racing pigeon hobby. It's a different type of hobby that others. It's like horse racing. Reader of this post may ask why I am writing about it. Yes, first I like to share with you that I like this hobby, but I couldn't do it before even now because of my parents, surrounding peoples and even relatives. I was a good student according our country's education system, my parents had ability to meet any type of hobby as my requirement, but they didn't. They dislike it. When I was 18+ my parents told me that I may keep pigeon after completing my study, but after doing it they also didn't allow me to do it. Even now this is not allowed. Pigeon keeping may make disturb in my little bro's study, this is their say. Now please say when I can do it. Have I no right to meet my hobby? Other successful people in our country are keeping pigeon, taking the taste of it, but I..just forget it.

Racing pigeon is an interesting sports. Those who keep homing pigeon are called pigeon fanciers. Like horse racing it is done through sky way. From a distant place pigeons are released and birds try to return homes fast. After reaching loft the speed is calculated and according to all birds' records the fastest pigeon get first place. It's not so easy as I writing.

Readers may search "Racing pigeon" in Google and may know a lot of thing about it.

Now good bye. I have a pain in my heart, that's why I write it.